Dominion Estate Sales


In addition to our auctions, we also offer Estate/Moving sale services, which can be the best option for anyone cleaning out the entire contents of a home. We advertise, organize, and conduct the sale for you, ensuring that none of the valuables “fall through the cracks”. After the sale we can clean out the home entirely. We do require that the items available include antiques or collectables, to attract our clientele.


What we do:

-assess the home contents: no stone left unturned

-sort the contents by value and set up for the sale

-price all the items in the home

-advertise the sale on our website, social media, etc; send a sale notice to our extensive email list

-conduct the sale, handling all negotiations

-provide an accounting


We can also handle the after-sale cleanup and/or clean-out, including consigning any remaining high-quality items to auction; arranging and overseeing a charity pickup (in most cases such a donation will garner a tax receipt); cleaning out any remaining unsaleable merchandise; arranging for a complete cleaning of the home.


Generally, we provide these services on a commission basis. This way, you can be assured that we will do our best to maximize the sales, and you are never out of pocket.


If you are interested in staging a sale in your home, please contact us at 204-477-5353 or


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